We prepare leaders for ministry in the African-American tradition of liberation, reconciliation, social justice, and the dignity of all humankind.

When it comes to earning your advanced degree, flexibility is key. That is why we offer fully online programs built with the working professional in mind, tailored to keep you engaged and involved from wherever you are located.

We believe education should be an opportunity for everyone. That is why we are committed to tearing down barriers to provide access for students to receive quality education at an affordable rate.

When you start with the destination in mind, every step along the way is taken with purpose to bring you closer to your goals. Countless PTS alumni have been recognized for their influence on local, state, and national government policies. We are building a better, more tolerant future one PTS student at a time.

Virtual does not equal isolated. The connections PTS provides students is invaluable to expanding your network and growing your current or future church.

What good is a degree that leaves you with nothing more than eloquent speech and grand ideas? At PTS, we are ready with practical tips and hands-on experience that leave you with real-world skills. Skills you will employ as you build congregations, combat social injustices, and shape a better society with your influence.

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Featured Testimonials

“The Africentric exposure through the lens of Professors, and resources used at the Seminary are remarkable.”

Dianne Faust

“I just love all the historical context of the school Glory to God”

James Combs