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--To promote the growth, progress, purposes, traditions, and general welfare of Payne Theological Seminary

-- To strengthen relationships between seminary and alumni

-- To support and promote improvement of the educational programs of the seminary

-- To solicit and encourage alumni and friends of Payne to financially support the seminary


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Rev. Bruce Butcher
Alumni Association President


National Officers

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Rev. Bruce Butcher, President
Rev. John McCants, Treasurer
Rev. Betty Holley, Ph.D., Recording Secretary
Rev. Gary Hearst, Corresponding Secretary
Rev. Gwen Johnson, Chaplain
Rev. Mark Tyler, Ph.D., National Coordinator
Rev. Teresa Smith, First District Coordinator
Rev. Daryl Kearney, Second District Coordinator
Rev. Dr. Alphonse Allen, Third District Coordinator
Rev. Carmi Woods, Fifth District Coordinator
Rev. Nigal Felder, Thirteenth District Coordinator


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