Michael Joseph Brown, Ph.D.
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Michael Joseph Brown, Ph.D.
Dr. Brown is an internationally recognized biblical scholar, minister, and public intellectual. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Vanderbilt University, a Master of Divinity degree and Doctor of Philosophy degree from University of Chicago. Prior to joining Payne, Dr. Brown served as Associate Dean of Wabash College, and was the Director of the Malcolm X Institute on Black Studies (2011-2013). Dr. Brown has authored four books, What They Don't Tell You: A Survivor's Guide to Academic Biblical Studies, Blackening of the Bible: The Aims of African American Biblical Scholarship, The Lord's Prayer through North African Eyes: A Window into Early Christianity and The Lord's Prayer and God's Vision for the World: Finding Your Purpose through Prayer. In addition he was a leading contributor to the New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible.
Betty W. Holley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Ecological Theology / Director of MDiv Program
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Betty W. Holley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Ecological Theology / Director of MDiv Program
B.A., Bennett College, 1977; M.Ed.; University of North Carolina, 1980; Ed.S., University of North Carolina, 1988; M.Div., Payne Theological Seminary, 2000; PhD., Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, 2005; Adjunct Professor at the following schools: Wilberforce University, Payne Theological Seminary, Wright State University, Clark State Community College; Teacher in the following schools: Dayton Public Schools, Xenia Community Schools, Richmond County Schools (NC), Greensboro Public/Guilford County Schools (NC); Research Scientist for Project SWOOPE (Students Watching Over Our Planet Earth) at Los Alamos National Laboratory; Director of ATEP program at Payne Seminary; Former Pastor of Holy Trinity AME Church, Wilberforce, Ohio; Pastor Central Chapel AME Church.
William J. Augman, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology of Religion
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William J. Augman, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology of Religion
Expertise: Sociological Research and Practical Ministry B.A., Southern University, 1965; M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1972; M.Phil. and Ph.D., Drew University, 1980, 1983. Instructor, Southern University, 1965-68; Pastor, AME Churches in New Jersey and Louisiana, 1970-80; Assistant Professor and Director of Afro-American Studies, St. Peter’s College, 1974-78; Associate Professor and Director of Field Education, Payne, 1978-79; Associate Director of Field Education and Associate Professor of Religion and Society, United Theological Seminary (Dayton), 1980-86; Pastor, McKinley United Methodist Church, Dayton, Ohio, 1986-98; District Superintendent 1998- 2003; Pastor, Centenary United Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio; Payne, 1982-Present.
Solomon K. Avotri, Ph.D.
Professor of Biblical Studies
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Solomon K. Avotri, Ph.D.
Professor of Biblical Studies
Expertise: Biblical Foundations and Cultural Hermeneutics B.S., University of Ghana, 1978; M.Div., United Theological Seminary (Dayton), 1982; Ph.D., Iliff School of Theology/University of Denver, 1990; Secondary School Teacher, Ghana, 1970-79; Graduate Teaching Assistant, Iliff School of Theology, 1983-84; Adjunct Instructor, New Testament, Payne, 1989-90; Adjunct Faculty, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, 1990; Pastor of Holy Trinity AME Church, Wilberforce, 2013-2015; Payne Theological Seminary, 1991-Present.
Charles S. Brown, Th.D.
Distinguished Professor of Christian Ethics
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Charles S. Brown, Th.D.
Distinguished Professor of Christian Ethics
Expertise: Christian Ethics, Leadership, and Community Development A.B., Morehouse College, 1956; M.Div., United Theological Seminary, 1962; Th.D., Boston University, 1973; Instructor of Human Relations, Boston University College of Business Administration, 1963-66; Professor of Church and Society, United Theological Seminary, 1968-79; Associate Professor of Practical Theology (with tenure), Yale University Divinity School, 1979-83; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Wright State University Medical School, 1984-; Professor, Black Church Ministries Program, United Theological Seminary, 1986-2006; Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church, 1982-2011. Adjunct Instructor, Payne Theological Seminary, 1987-2011; Distinguished Professor, Payne Theological Seminary, 2011-Present.
Roger S. Evans, Ph.D.
Full Professor of Historical Theology
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Roger S. Evans, Ph.D.
Full Professor of Historical Theology
Expertise: Historical Context and Historical Theology B.A., Columbia Union College, 1976; M.Div., Andrews Theological Seminary, 1979; M.A., The Ohio State University, 1987; Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1996; Pastor, Ohio Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, 1979-1994; Adjunct Professor of History, Ohio Wesleyan University, 1990, 1994; Adjunct Professor United Theological Seminary, 2002; Payne Theological Seminary, 1990–Present.

Published Works: Sex and Salvation: Virginity as a Soteriological Paradigm in Ancient
Christianity – 2003 – University Press of America
Issues of New Testament Anti-Judaism: Son of Man, Deicide, and
Divine Predetermination – 2007 – University Press of America

Upcoming Book: Constructing a Theology of Isolation: Anti-Judaism and Anti-Semitism in Ancient Christianity: The Hermeneutic of Supersessionism - 2013




Lee H. Butler, Ph.D.
Professor in the Practice of Pastoral Theology

B.A., Bucknell University, 1981
M.Div., Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1986
Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1988
M.Phil., Drew University, 1992
Ph.D., Drew University, 1994

Gerald A. Cooper, J.D.
Associate Professor in the Practice of Christian Ministry

B.A., The College of Wooster, 1989
M.Div., Payne Theological Seminary, 2000
J.D., Capital University Law School, 1994

Kevin Wardlaw, Ph.D.
Professor in the Practice of Pastoral Counseling

M.Div., Lutheran Theological Seminary
Ph.D., Claremont School of Theology

Frederick A. Wright, D.Min.

M.Div., Interdenominational Theological Center
D.Min., United Theological Seminary

Sidney Williams, D.Min.
Senior Lecturer in the Practice of Christian Ministry

B.B.A., Howard University
M.B.A., Wharton School of Business, 1994
M.Div., Wesley Theological Seminary, 2008



Wilton E. Blake, D.Min.

B.A., Edward Waters College
MBA, University of Florida
M.Div., Payne Theological Seminary
D.Div., Temple Bible College and Seminary
D.Min., Family Bible College and Seminary

John Piippo, Ph.D.

Music Theory, Kishwaukee Community College, 1975
B.A., Philosophy, Northern Illinois University, 1974
M.Div., Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1977
Ph.D, Northwestern University, Religious and Theological Studies
(Philosophical Theology), 1986

Teresa Fry Brown, Ph.D.

B.S., Central Missouri State University, 1974
M.S., Central Missouri State University, 1975
M.Div., Iliff School of Theology, 1988
Ph.D., Illiff School of The- ology and University of Denver, 1996.

Ann Holmes Redding, Ph.D.

Brown University, 1976
M.Div., General Theological Seminary, 1983
M.Phil., Union Theological Seminary, 1992
Ph.D. in New Testament, Union Theological Seminary, 1999

Dennis Dickerson, Ph.D.

B.A., Lincoln University, 1971
M.A., Washington University in St. Louis, 1974
M.Div., Vanderbilt University, 2007
Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis, 1978

Dr. Janet Sturdivant, D.Min..

B.S., Medialle College, 1984
M.Div, Lutheran Theo- logical Seminary at Philadelphia, 1998
D.Min., Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, 2008

Salim Faraji, Ph.D.

M.A., Claremont Graduate University
M.Div., Claremont School of Theology
Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University

JoAnne Terrell, Ph.D.

B.A., Rollins College, 1981
M.Div., Union Theo- logical Seminary, 1990
M.Phil., Union Theological Seminary, 1994
Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary, 1997

Oveta Fuller, M.D.

B.A., Biology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1977
Ph.D., 1983
University of Chicago, post- doctoral study, 1983-87

Gerald Thomas, Ph.D.

B.A., Howard UniversityM.Div., Southern Seminary
Ph.D., Southern Seminary

Stephanie Y. Mitchem, Ph.D.

B.A., Sacred Heart Seminary College, 1985
M.T.S., St. John Provincial Seminary, 1989
Ph.D., Northwest- ern University-Garrett Evangelical Theological
Semi- nary Joint Program, 1998

Harold Trulear, Ph.D.

B.A., Morehouse College, 1975
M.Phil., Drew University, 1979
Ph.D. Drew University, 1983

James A. Williams, L.LD.

B.A. Allen University, 1960
M.S. University of Illinois, 1964
D.Litt., Alma College, 2003